Friday, August 01, 2008

Obama Gives McCain Some Help

The Obama camp has a new blog up The Low Road Express, which discusses McCain's "distortions" of Obama's words. This is the print version of WORM which stands for What Obama Really Meant. Here is one of my favorites from Cincinnati Enquirer.

The McCain ad’s claim that Obama says ‘he’ll raise taxes on electricity’ is based on an interview Obama gave to a San Antonio newspaper in February in which he said ‘what we ought to tax is a dirty energy like coal, and, to a lesser extent, natural gas.’
And raising taxes on our two chief sources of electrical energy won't raise prices?

So what is the paper's answer to this? They say McCain is for the same cap and trade tax raising policies Obama supports. Evidently they have not been keeping up. McCain Is Taking Economics Lessons.
...on deep background, this senior McCain advisor told me I was correct: no cap-and-trade. In other words, this central-planning, regulatory, tax-and-spend disaster, which did not appear in Mac’s two recent speeches, has been eradicated entirely — even from the detailed policy document that hardly anybody will ever read.
Evidently the advisor was right. None of our betters in the press have read it. Nor has any one from the Obama camp.

Fortunately you have me to help you keep an eye on things.

Did I mention McCain was looking into the near term prospects (good) for fusion a year ago? That is something else the press is unaware of.

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LarryD said...

I wonder how the "progressive" "environmentalists" would react if fusion becomes a serious prospect.