Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giving Advice

According to The American Forces Press Service American planes are flying into Georgia.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 11, 2008 – The U.S.-assisted redeployment of Georgian troops from Iraq to their home country should be completed today, a Pentagon spokesman said.

American military aircraft began shuttling the brigade of Georgian forces yesterday, as clashes with Russian forces intensified since fighting broke out last week in the breakaway region of South Ossetia in Georgia, a former Soviet republic.

The U.S.-provided transport of the 2,000-strong contingent adheres to an agreement that U.S. and Georgian government officials arranged before Russian tanks and troops crossed Georgia’s border on Aug. 8, Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman said today.

“We are fulfilling our agreement with the Georgian government that in an emergency we would assist them in redeploying their troops,” Whitman said. “We are honoring that commitment and we are following through with that.”
That is definitely going to complicate Russian efforts.

Here is another complication for the Russians:
some 130 U.S. military personnel serving as trainers to national forces in Georgia will remain in the war-torn country, Whitman said. He added that all U.S. trainers there are safe and accounted for, and that presently there are no plans to remove them from Georgia.

Georgia declared its independence from the then-Soviet Union in 1991. However, many South Ossetia residents continue to profess Russian allegiance.

The situation was already tense when Russian tanks and troops crossed the border into South Ossetia, where they were aided by regional separatists. Fighting escalated a day later in and around Tskhinvali, South Ossetia’s capital, as Russian aircraft were reported to have bombed that city, as well as parts of Georgia.
That has got to be a move that will give the Russians some pause. Look at how much trouble a few American advisers and a steady flow of American weapons caused the Russians in Afghanistan.

The loss of Georgia after a Russian take over could give other restive Russian provinces ideas. Normally the Russians try to think these things out. If they are acting impulsively and trying to regain their lost empire they may get another bloody nose. Further weakening their self image and reducing their standing in the world. Now if we could only get the Euros off the Russian oil and natural gas teat we might start to regain some strategic leverage with the Russians.

Save Georgia and the Europeans from Russian domination Mrs. Pelosi. Drill for American oil.

H/T Wretchard of The Belmont Club who goes into much greater depth and looks at some of the tactics and strategy in the war.

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Nick said...

I'd say forget it, the Euro's aren't coming off the Russian teat anytime soon, well, at least not until it's taken away from them by the Russians.

I saw some stuff over on Althouse and maybe Blackfive about the Russians going for Poland. I did some double checking and lo and behold, The Ukraine is neither part of the E.U. nor NATO. I'd say guess who's next. Thought it would be interesting to see if France and Germany would trade Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for peace.