Friday, August 08, 2008

More Carol McCain

It has come to my attention that Carol McCain has donated to her ex-husband John's campaign. She also works for The American Beverage Association Political Action Committee. If it is the same Carol McCain. The American Beverage Association represents soft drink bottlers. They have a link on their main page to another page called Straight Talk. It is about selling soda in schools.

It appears that the The American Beverage Association Political Action Committee gives to Republicans and Democrats. None to John McCain. They did make a $5,000 contribution to the Blue Dog Political Action Committee. Blue Dogs are conservative Democrats.

William Ball who works for the Loeffler Group is a McCain national security advisor. One of the clients of the Loeffler Group is the American Beverage Association.

What do I take away from all this? John and Cindy through their friends have seen to it that Carol has a job. One that may help him, on the margins, in politics. Considering that Carol worked for Ronald Reagan, I'd say Carol is doing what she likes and is helping her ex-husband. Good for Carol. Good for John and Cindy.

Now the question is: What is Obama doing for his grandmother. Besides throwing her under the bus?

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