Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Admits Foreign Policy Inexperience

Obama's pick of Senate Foreign Relations Comittee head Joe Biden is an admission of Foreign Policy inexperience. What are the Obama people thinking? Foreign Policy is the President's #1 job. It is why he has a diplomacy department and a military department under his control.

The only question now is if Obama will drag the rest of the Democrat ticket down with him? The Democrats stance on no drilling for oil may have the perverse effect of greasing the skids.

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Neil said...

After reflecting overnight on the announcement of Biden as VP, I have to say that's the final nail in the Obama-for-Pres coffin. The problem with "Joey the Mouth" is that if you listen to him long enough, eventually he'll say something that 90% of Americans will agree is apalling. He's like Newt Gingrich that way.

And for the next 2.5 months, EVERYBODY is going to be listening....