Thursday, August 07, 2008

Obama's Favorite Positions

Comenter Lisa Nolan at Classical Values left a link to a site that looks at Barack Obama's positions on various issues. Lisa has her own favorites.

Obama SUPPORTS The US Paying a "Global Tax"
Obama OPPOSES Traditional Marriage
Obama SUPPORTS Partial-Birth Abortion
Obama OPPOSES Domestic Oil Production (or did he just flip to McCain's position on that?)
Obama SUPPORTS Doubling the Capital Gains Tax
Here are some of my favorites.

There are no short term answers to bringing down gas prices says Obama. YouTube Video. That was in April. He does have an answer now. Take oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That was quick.

Here is another good one. Don't trust bloggers or other people's opinions because people lie. I think he is trying to reduce my traffic and ruin my reputation (such as it is).

This one is hilarious (and possibly true). Ralph Nader says Obama is running for Bush's third term. If you believe that why not get the real deal and vote McCain? Or Nader? Depending on how you feel about a third term for Bush.

There is lots more. Have a look.

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