Monday, August 18, 2008

Captured By Little Oil

Commenter Schwimmer at my post Democrats Strike Out had this to say:

And so it begins. The party which has controlled the White House for the past 8 years and which has controlled Congress for the past 12 of 14 years is now the party of new ideas. The Democrats are rightfully trying to pursue an energy policy that will bring immediate relief as well as long-term solutions. They are doing so in a measured, thoughtful manner. The GOP is only trying for a last-minute land grab for Big Oil, prior to November when they will go into political irrelevance for the next decade or so.
Well Schwimmer it looks like the Democrats have been captured by little oil.

See you in November.

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J Carlton said...

I wonder what this carefully considered great plan is. Have you seen any evidence of anything other than pixies and fairy dust, Simon? Any discussion of polywell for instance. Anything other than fat subsidies for Dem contributers. Frankly if Pelosi had a real plan she would not have run out of town to avoid a vote. The Dems have no plan and they know it.

M. Simon said...

From what I gather the bill was larded with poison pills and the votes were not there for it.

I agree that the Ds have no plan. My guess is that they have been bought off in one way or another by various foreign oil interests.

Re: Polywell.

My guess is that McCain will come out fully supporting it and it will make the Ds look bad. Again. I expect (given some private and public communications) that the results will be positive enough to warrant a full scale demo.