Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Juhah Benjamin On Obama's Birth Certificate

Judah Benjamin has some thoughts on the Obama birth certificate controversy.

Remember that this is a unique situation in the History of the USA and only the Republicans have any relevant experience in this area. Until he is the Candidate the only place in which an objection could be lodged would be Illinois. Subsequent to his candidacy any State is open.

It is not for me to verify facts about Senator Obama; it seems to have been made either difficult or impossible for me to do so. It is up to Senator Obama to verify the facts. He has not done so, he has not tried to do so, all that he has done is to create more doubt. And if you are supporting him you should demand that he does and not insult those who actually ask for answers to which every single citizen in the USA is entitled.
This reminds me of the Form 180 controversy surrounding John Kerry. Obama like Kerry could put this question to rest by releasing the relevant documents. Obama has not done so. What has he got to hide?

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