Friday, August 15, 2008

War Between Germany And Poland

Is it 1939 all over again? No. Far from it. What we have is a much milder variety. What we have is a nudist war.

On the one side white bottoms burn in the sun. On the other side conservative swimming trunk-wearers turn up their noses at the naked beachgoers.

Now a heated argument has broken out between the exhibitionist Germans and the prudish Poles.

For the last fifty years sun-loving Germans have been preserving their naturist traditions from Ahlbeck (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) to Swinemünde.

But following the Schengen agreement in December 2007 the fence separating the German and Polish parts of the beach was removed.

Now German nudists are battling the Poles for their freedom to prance around naked in the sun.

"It's ridiculous" said Swinemündes minister Edward Zajac. And Anja (28) from Poland, who clearly think the German nudists are real swines, said: "It's horrible. We would never bathe naked - we are Catholic."
Evidently the integration of Europe is not going quite as swimmingly as is generally portrayed in the news.

According to the story some Poles are offended and some just want to watch. Let us hope the Poles and Germans can come together and put an end to this friction.

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