Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You Guys Are So Jewish

I have been having an ongoing discussion at Remarkz about the best way for the Palestinians to negotiate a settlement of their differences with the Israelis. In his remarks on the latest Israeli "atrocities" the subject of Qassam rockets came up. He says Israel can't stop the rockets (depends on how much destruction they are willing to do) and then he wonders if the whole thing isn't a plot.

My only doubt is the true willigness of American neo-cons/Israeli right wing to really stop the Qassams, on the contrary as long as they keep coming they can pursue their current hypocritical policies, it is after all what they have proven best at doing.
So I responded:
You could foil their evil plot by not firing the rockets. However, there is some suspicion that some of the Palestinian factions want the evil plot to succeede for their own ends. War is good business - for some.

Really. The way to go is non-violence. Real martyrs. The world press would be all over this. 24/7/365

You keep firing rockets. The Israelis take out a dozen Palestinians. The view from American is that this seems a little disproportionate, but when haven't the Israelis been disproportionate?

If you took casualties without fighting back the propaganda value would be immense.

You would not just be the underdog but the super underdog. Victory would come very quickly.

I know it goes against the human instinct to practice non-violence. It requires training.

You have to ask yourselves: which is more important to the Palestinians - fighting or winning.

True you are grinding down the Israelis, but they are grinding you down faster.

And you got the Euros pissed at you too. How did you manage that?

Plus the Arab League is "powerless" to end the American's Cash Flow Jihad. So much for Arab solidarity. Your brothers are using you for cannon fodder and you ask for more.

You guys are so Jewish. You revel in your suffering.

Ironic in'it?

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