Saturday, November 11, 2006

Make No Mistake

What the Democrats and Bush seem to be doing is planning a retreat. The Democrats we know about. Whether in 8 months as the radicals want or in one to three years that some of the saner voices are calling for, we know about the Democrat call for a retreat. Bush is using the Baker boys to do his dirty work.

What does a good army do when the other army is retreating? Pursue.

You can see the dynamic in the lead up to WW2. Every time the democracies retreated the fascists pursued. When dealing with bullies weakness invites attacks.

It will be interesting to see how hard the Ds need to be kicked before they know they are in a war. My apologies to the kickees. I voted straight R, right down to the dog catcher. I know we are in a war.

My policy still is Electricity.

Subversion through the advance of technology.

It is 1.5 bn muslims against 4 bn not muslims.

We need to raise the world standard of living at once and at low cost.

I'll write up my idea and publish it in the next post or two.

Prompted by this discussion at Winds of Change.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the democrats are planning a retreat, but I'm not so sure about Bush. USS Neverdock is reporting that hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters have been told to leave Afghanistan and return to their home countries. Neverdock sees a change in A-Q strategy, but it might just be that A-Q smelled something out. Instead of retreating, Bush may be ready to heat things up and take more muscular action now, right after the election and well before the run-up to the presidential election. It would be perfect timing, and Gates has a military background as well as some Afghanistan expertise.

M. Simon said...

The link to the USS Neverdock story