Friday, November 10, 2006

Diplomatic Solution

James Webb the new Senator from Virginia says there is a diplomatic solution to the problems of Iraq and that as Senator he will pursue such a solution.

Webb continued his speech, promising a diplomatic solution to Iraq.

“We're going to work hard to bring a sense of responsibility in our foreign policy that will, in my view, result in a diplomatic solution in Iraq,” Webb said.
If this is an example of the new Democrats, their tenure will not be a happy one, because when delusion meets reality it is never a happy time.

Given all the grief Iraq has caused Bush, don't you suppose that if there was a diplomatic solution it would already be implimented? Well I can't wait 'til Webb further articulates his plan. I wonder if it is just the "Cut and Run" pig in a fancy dress. If so, he is going to have to fight Smokin' Joe and a lot of Republicans in order to force the plan on the rest of the Senate.

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