Thursday, November 09, 2006

Political Genius

Republicans lost this last election because they no longer had a big tent attitude. Different factions were withholding support to honor various pet peeves. The Democrats did things differently this time. Instead of party purity, you had a big tent attitude. Sell the customer a product he wants to buy. Tailored to each election district.

There were a lot of what are called Blue Dog Democrats elected. Conservative Democrats. A faction Howard Dean said he was going after as a winning electoral strategy. Everybody laughed. What did he know about Confederate Flags and gun racks?

He is looking like a political genius this week. I wonder what his plans for the Hillary/Obama ticket are?


Anonymous said...

The problem with this supposed genius is whether the Democrats can be trusted to actually follow through with their proclaimed agenda. My take is that it's all a cynical ploy to take power and that we will soon see the Democrats return to their old form. It make take a while to see it, seeing as how the MSM will be providing them cover along the way. It will also be interesting to see how the MSM spins things: do you keep bashing the (very good) economy in order to keep pressure on Bush, or wait until Congress can pass that big tax increase the Democrats want and then proclaim we're in a boom?

M. Simon said...


The genius is actually carrying out a plan for winning elections.

Governing, as you point out, is another problem entirely.