Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maybe They Need It

Eric at Classical Values is discussing signs of the STOP Eating Animals variety. Very cute. He says traffic signs are not the place for discourse on the matter.

So I got off on a tangent naturally and posted this comment (revised and extended).

I can't wait for bioscience to be able to grow muscles and tendons in vats. Then they would not be connected to brains and eating a nice juicy steak would have no moral value.

Me? I went through a "you must all eat the right foods just like me" phase. I was insufferable. (not that I'm any different now, just not about food :-)

Then I figured out that generally you are hungry for what you need. You can smell it. You can taste it. (which is almost the same as smelling it)

Animals are vast chemical factories. The skin is leaky. You can smell fear. Why not food?


This is what makes our drug laws such a mess. People are different. Some need heroin, some don't.

Me personally? I have nothing to say about what people put in their mouths, smoke, drink, etc. I assume they are doing what they do because they need to. The rest of us ought not interfere (Politically with laws - personal intervention is fine, free speech and all. But no means no. Pressing your case does not include assault.).

So I hate the coming fat laws and the already here anti-smoking laws. Tobacco is an anti-depressant. Maybe the folks smoking it need it.

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