Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Military Lingo

Timmer at Sgt. Stryker says that Austin Bay is looking for examples of current Military slang. The comments contain most of the good stuff. Like this one from Timmer:

Chairborne Ranger: Office dweeb who’s never ever ever worked anywhere but an office environment and basically refuses to venture outside of the command hangar, tent, etc.. Also, any maintainer who’s been decertified from his primary duty and shoved in an office to keep him out of the way.

PowerPoint Ranger: Usually a Captain/Major who’s primary purpose in life is to create PowerPoint Presentations for the local HMFIC.

HMFIC: Head Mother Fu**er in Charge.

Death by PowerPoint: Any string of briefings, classes or forums which consists of one PowerPoint presentation after the other.

Comment by Timmer — 11/20/2006 @ 11:06 am
There are lots more with the usual profanity.

When I was in the Navy the guage of the morale of the sailors was something like: profanity every third word - the sailors are happy. When it got to every second word the sailors were very unhappy. A fine line to be sure. You had to be there.

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