Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Change in Strategy

I have been giving the war a lot of thought. Progress is coming in Iraq a painful inch at a time. It is a process which will not be done again for a while.

So as much as I think Democracy Promotion should still be a major part of our strategy, for the time being it cannot be primary. Our primary focus needs to be on the clash of cultures. To win that clash the West needs more exposure in the East. How do you get it? Television, radio, cell phones, and the 'Net. And what is the #1 requirement for those bits of equipment? Electricity. Even the advance of cell phones requires electricity for the towers and rechargers.

Electricity and street lights do quite a lot to reduce crime at night. Making people feel more secure and in fact be more secure. Lights in the home. Lights in the street.

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