Friday, November 10, 2006

Why Was Karl Rove Smiling?

Bill Roggio agrees with me that the Democrats dare not let a bloodbath occur in Iraq. He quotes a story from Yahoo News:

But while setting timetables may have helped Democrats win votes, they may have a tough time pushing their plan through Congress. Democratic incumbents are divided on how soon to pull troops out of Iraq, and the party risks being held responsible by voters in the 2008 presidential elections if an abandoned Iraq collapses into a full-blown civil war.
They have just bought a pig in a poke. If the economy goes bad they will get blamed for any action (like repeal of tax cuts) that might have precipitated it. If the civil war in Iraq escalates significantly they will get blamed. After all they are the "New Ideas" people. The best thing they can do under the circumstances is as little as possible. Much form, little substance. Of course, as I have pointed out, none of this will make the Lamont Democrats happy. They want blood. The best they will get is thin gruel. Otherwise kiss the Presidentcy and Congress goodby in '08.

Maybe this is why Karl Rove was smiling.

H/T Instapundit

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