Thursday, November 23, 2006

Murdered for Love

Here in the comfortable west we know that love is murder. Comedians have made good careers on the dissatisfactions of marriage. In Iran they do things differently. In Iran you can get murdered for talking to your wife in public.

Gateway Pundit quotes the Middle East Times:

An Iranian university student talking with his wife at a bus stop was murdered by another student upset over a public conversation between the sexes, the ISNA student news agency reported Sunday.

Towhid Ghafarzadeh Nadi was killed in the northeastern town of Sabzevar, where his death prompted a protest march by students, ISNA said.

"The murderer questioned the couple over their relationship, which led to a violent scuffle, and the murderer stabbed his victim with a knife," said the Office for the Consolidation of Unity, a reformist student group.

The man later told police that he "had acted because his religious sensibilities were injured by seeing a young man and a young woman talking in public," the statement added.
This points out how much we have to be thankful for in America and the West. Men and women together decide how they will live.

It was not so long ago that black men used to be killed for going out with white women in America. Sensibilities were injured. Tolerance is always paid for in blood.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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