Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Will They Do?

The Sandmonkey has gotten a sneak peek at the Democrat plan for changing the world and leaks parts of it to the world.

Now that the democrats control both House and Senate, and are promising a new direction that will change the world as we know it (even though they won't let people know how they will do that), I figure it's time that we set some realistic (wink wink nudge nudge) expectations of the fantastically ideal world filled with sunshine and puppies that their leadership will bring to us all. Here is my forecast of the future:

1) People the world over will realize that they are brothers and all war will end.

2) The world is going to love the US after they instate the new "let's pay the world some money so that they can love us again" tax.

3) Kim Jung Il will agree to give up his nukes after a long heart to heart bonding session with Hillary, where he will admit his need for nukes to make up for his small penis and Hillary will cheer him up with a fantastic rendition of "Don't worry, be happy".

4) Pelosi will represent her miracle solution for Iraq, which will get all the factions there to drop their weapons and hug, while crying over all the bad things they have done to each other because of Bush and his evil neocon friends, who made them sectarian, crazy and bloodthirsty.
The Sandmonkey has more. Plus his secret operatives (commenters) have added to the list. Read it all for it will amuse.

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