Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Castros On the Way Out

There are reports that the Castro family of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro is buying land. In an area that straddles the Argentina-Chile border.

Cuba’s immensely wealthy Castro family, which Forbes magazine pegs for just under a billion provable dollars, is beginning to look outward for asylum with their money. That’s why the Chilean press yesterday reported that Mrs. Castro, the second or third wife of the Cuban dictator, has just bought a parcel of land straddling the Chile-Argentina border. That way, if something goes wrong on an extradition or truth commission subpoena, she can step over the boundary and remain on the estancia. It’s an amazingly shameless effort to launder out the ill-gotten Castro fortune into potential palaces of exile. In Cuba, the word is sinvergüenza.

But it does tell us one powerful thing: The Castroites are no longer confident that tyranny will remain in Cuba after Castro’s trip to the ash heap of history.
Good news.

The stories of the Cuban people will come out in the end which will be another stake in the heart of socialism/communism.

I think if we use the prostitution index we can say that Cuba is definitely a failed state and a failed culture.

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