Friday, October 08, 2010

You Are Required To Buy A Musket

Bet ya didn't know that. Well it must be true because a few Federal lawyers say so.

The attorney generals’ suit argues that the federal government can’t force people to buy a product merely because they are U.S. citizens. But federal attorneys say Congress can regulate interstate commerce and has imposed laws for more than 200 years requiring men to buy muskets and ammunition, for example.
Who knew?

Shouldn't there be a tax break or something for such purposes? We do have ∅bama doing his best to stimulate gun and ammunition sales. Which I guess is the best we can hope for under the current administration.

Maybe the next administration will start fining people who don't own a firearm. I can't wait. The only way to opt out would be to be convicted of a felony. I see a lot of possibilities here. If it wasn't such a stupid idea. And totally unsupported by any facts.

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Neil said...

They actually used the Militia Act as an argument for broadening the Commerce Clause? That's nonsense on stilts. Congress had the power to pass the Militia Act because of the 2nd Amendment.

"A well-regulated militia being necessary..."