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Thank You Friend

Our favorite commenter at Classical Values (well Eric's and mine, I haven't checked with Dave) has a very nice one in response to "for the good for society"? Or for the good of the state?

In America we think that improving our society does improve our country. But there's a hidden assumption that many other countries' populations don't make.

Most countries seem to define their country as their gov't.

We have a country so we had to put a gov't in charge.

So working for the gov't and working for society aren't the same thing the way they are in other countries.

It seems to me that when Americans wanted to improve things, they did it themselves, they didn't go to the gov't.

We used to be more likely to try to keep the gov't from "helping" us than getting it to help us.

Certain statists (of all parties) are trying to change that. They're seeing the pushback now. I'm rooting for us, but the pushback will take the decades it's taken to get here.

Or one huge cataclysm.

I don't think we have the attention span and the will for the first and the second would mean serious ugliness.

Veeshir October 6, 2010 03:43 PM
Pretty good stuff. Except for the bit about attention span. I have kept my mind on the Drug War for 40 years and the end is now in sight. It can be done. But it requires that a few people dedicate themselves to it totally. Just like the Drug War.

And we have better tools. When I started promoting Polywell Fusion in November of 2006 (thanks Eric) very few had heard of it and the DOD had cut off funding. By August of 2007 due to constant efforts on the 'net by myself and a few others the project was refunded. Early results are not definitive (it will work, it won't work) but so far promising. Well any way. Now a days when a blog post or article comes up on fusion Polywell is almost always mentioned in the comments. My point is that a very few DEDICATED people can change the culture in significant ways in short order. If you are honest (Polywell might not work - but it is definitely worth a try) and tireless.

And I'm here to help. Have an idea on how to change the country for the better that can start small and grow? That does not require a government program and in fact rejects any government help. Let me promote it. You want to start a commune? Let me help. You want to set up a tax free village? Let me help. Any thing voluntary. Let the results speak for themselves. (I always like to bring up these anti-abortion folks in my town Rockford Pro Life in that regard).

Comments are open.

And my point? Stop being lazy and waiting for government to do it. We have the best tools ever invented for the job. Stop bitching or moaning "there ought to be a law" and get to work. One person can make a difference. And if we do enough stuff on our own we can retire government to what it ought to be. Minor functionaries in a free country. Some tips on how to get started on your crusade.

1. Set up a Google alert on blogs and a phrase that will pull up posts on your topic of interest
2. A file full of canned responses, links, and frequently used HTML
3. Put out at least a little something new or use a different phrasing every time you comment. You are not a robot.You are a human.
4. If you don't have a blog start one. Blogger will help for free.

The rest of what you need to know you can learn by doing. Stuff like simple HTML.

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