Thursday, October 21, 2010

Democrats: Vote for the Republican

I was visiting Althouse (thanks Instapundit) and came across this comment.

Revenant said...

Had our 2011 benefits review at work this week. Thanks to ObamaCare, employee contributions are up 5% to 50%, deductibles and out of pocket are up 100%. Plus the joy of my HSP no longer covering over-the-counter medication (that being what I've spent almost all of it on to date).

Nothing I hadn't expected, but I think the Republican ticket just gained a few new voters from among my coworkers.

10/20/10 6:31 PM
The fools had hoped to have these changes come in after the election. But the idiots didn't read the bill before they voted on it. I believe it is clobbering time.


Neil said...

What got them is what always gets them--they dynamic effects. In order to believe that ObamaCare was good for the country, you have to believe that people don't respond to incentives. That they will go on living their lives precisely the way they always have, while the government taxes or subsidizes their behavior according to a master blueprint.

They thought the behavior or employers and insurance companies would remain static until the moment the new requirements hit, just after the mid-term elections...


M. Simon said...


Very perceptive.

In controls we would say that they forgot to account for the feed forward effects of the control system.

They were betting on a strictly feedback response.

Lucky for us that they are ignorant of probably the most important "fuzzy" theory in engineering. i.e. totally based on approximations. Because the real world is statistical and to some greater of lesser extent non-linear.

linearthinker said...

Because the real world is statistical and to some greater of lesser extent non-linear.

I've always thought of myself as 'not of this world.' To some greater or lesser extent, that is. :-)