Monday, October 04, 2010

The Eternal Truths Of Religion

Villainous Company is looking at some studies on the effect of daycare on children. And comes up with this stunner:

It's amusing, in a way, to see the very same arguments being arrayed against Science that have been used for centuries to argue against Religion. In both cases, essential truths about human nature are too often discarded because they can't be proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Yeah. The essential truths of religion. Don't mix milk and meat. Don't mix fibers. If you have sex with a guy (and you are a guy) we will kill you. If you have sex with a guy not your husband we will kill you.

In fact that seems to be the essential truth of religion as practiced. "We will kill you." And given the current rise of the Islamic nutters we forget the essential truth of religion at our peril.

And where did we go wrong? Organized religion. Collectivized religion. If every one had their own religion, religion wouldn't be such a mess. In fact I favor direct talks with God (spirituality) over religion. It is generally safer. And from my experience more comforting. Plus the advice is way better than anything I ever got from a Rabbi. Why would that be? The Rabbi talks to the congregation. God talks to me. i.e. collective advice vs personal advice.

So how do I know I'm talking to God and not the Devil? Well it is a risk. Just like figuring out if the minister is a man of God or of the Devil. At least in my case if I am mistaken it is one man led astray. In the case of the minister it could be whole congregations, ministries, and worst of all whole religions. I'll take my chances with individuals to avoid Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds.

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Digital Drake said...

Where did we go wrong? We went wrong by establishing an evil and divisive monstrosity on earth called "Religion."

From a Scriptural viewpoint, it is something that God did not authorize men to do. It was men who created and established this "thing" called "Religion."

Another way in which we went wrong is that we have huddled around ourselves men as teachers and directors of our lives. Many who cleverly claim that they were called by God and speak in his name. That is the fault of the "individual" for allowing this kind of control and enslavement over them.

Many who claim to follow Christ and his teachings, do not fully understand what he meant by his followers "holding to his teachings" and "becoming his disciples" and "then" they would know the truth and the truth would set them free.

What has happened is that many individuals have allowed the church-system and organized religion to enslave and control them. Stifling their free expression of love towards all persons; even enemies.

While many think they are "saved" and "free" because they belong to a church or a religious organization, the fact of the matter is that they are "disciples" or members of "religion" not disciples of Christ.

While they think they are free and enlightened, they are in the dark dungeons of bondage. They sit in a very dark place.

It is "religion", not God and Christ, who is their true master and controller over them.

The most misled and darkened of all of the religions is the one men have named for themselves: "Christianity"

Christianity and the teachings of Christ are polar opposites and contend with one another.