Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How To Fix The Mess In Washington

Bob Corker thinks the way to fix the mess in Washington is to tie Federal spending to GDP. Nice idea. But the incentives are all wrong. I think making Congress Critters and staff compensation proportional to real GDP would be a better idea. It puts the incentives in the right direction and the right place at a much lower cost. Of course it might need a war clause so that they don't decide to try to make their point by cutting defense too much. But other than that I think my idea is better. And how do we prevent a pump and dump operation? Eternal vigilance.


Obdurate said...

Our government doesn't have a spending problem, it has an unlimited power problem. Limit its power as the Framers intended and the spending will take care of itself. The Senator is proposing to treat a symptom, not the disease.

PeterH said...

I had the idea of tying congressional pay to median private sector income to produce the same incentive. Median including the unemployed. Excluding government employees from the calculation to remove that control to manipulate the results.