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Something Wicked This Way Comes - To South Carolina

The Boyz at Hill Buzz are on to something. What it is ain't exactly clear. But it has to do with South Carolina.

So, last night someone in the Democrat political world here in Chicago read my post about something weird going on in South Carolina…and the mystery of why so many people are digging into what happened to Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat primary there.

I was warned not to dig into this, and to “just let it go”.
So what was the Buzzer in Chief's response?
Apparently, whatever South Carolina is about involves something the Democrat Party does not want to be revealed, because it would destroy them.

I want to burn the Democrat Party to the ground and then salt the Earth with its ashes so that it never reconstitutes itself again. I am sick and tired of the thuggery the party engages in. I have had enough of everyone being too scared to stand up to these people. I am through allowing the media to keep quiet about whatever evil things the party does, because everyone is in cahoots on this…or just too afraid of reprisals to stand up to it.
Kevin is not afraid.
So, I don’t know what exactly is in South Carolina to find. But, I’ve been told not to put myself in danger by digging into it. I’ve been told there will be massive blowback by writing about whatever happened down there…and that I should just leave it alone.

Well, you know what that means…I have found my new hobby because there is no way I am going to be bullied away from a mystery.

I made a few calls today to people on the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign to find out what they thought could possibly be the South Carolina Mystery. No one wanted to talk about it, because they said it involves race, and what the Obama campaign did to the Clintons in South Carolina to brand them racists and racialize the primary against Hillary.

People are still terrified of being called racists or having the Left lob these race bombs at them…so they won’t come anywhere near whatever the Hell it is in South Carolina that’s the heart of the mystery.

There’s also this: whatever it is that happened down there is so bad that it could take down the Democrat Party for good, and the Clinton people I talked to don’t want that to happen because Rush Limbaugh is right — Clinton people are indeed of the belief that once Obama is defeated in 2012, the Clintons can rebuild the Democrat Party and resume control over it. Thus, Clinton people want to do enough damage to Obama and the Left so they lose control…but not too much damage because they want to use whatever’s left post-Obama to rebuild the party.

This is not what I want — I want the Democrat Party burned to the ground…because the Democrat Party turned the Alinsky weapons on fellow Democrats, like me, and used accusations of racism, thuggery, ACORN, the SEIU, the Black Panthers, and other Democrat tools to intimdiate, bully, commit fraud, and personally destroy anyone that stood in Obama’s way.

The Democrat Party should not be allowed to exist anymore. Americans need to stop supporting it, and to relegate it to either the dustbin of history or to marginalize it with the other radical, Marxist, lunatic fringe minor parties that exist for the entertainment and masturbatory enjoyment of radical Leftists in this country. Mainstream America needs to stop seeing the Democrat Party as a mainstream political party — because what the party sanctions is diametrically opposed to what America, and 99% of Americans, stand for.

I have absolutely no fear of whatever Democrats will do to me for digging into what happened to Hillary Clinton in South Carolina in 2008. I’ve been under constant attack since January of this year for speaking out about things Democrats didn’t want me talking about. They used their race bomb on me, and I was indeed heavily harmed, but not obliterated.

Still here!

Still standing!

Not giving up!
There is way more but let me leave you with this little bit where Kevin (the Buzzer) tells his enemies where he stands. He was discussing the drama in terms of a movie plot.
But, this time the protagonist gets to be a gay dude from Boystown who refuses to be intimidated. Folks, never F&%$ with a fag who’s got nothing to lose…and a readership in the tens of thousands.

They say, “don’t get involved in this, or else”.

I say, “Welcome to Thunderdome, bitches”.
I've got your six Kev.

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