Saturday, October 30, 2010

Witching Hour

It could also be the Season Of The Bitch. But that is a different race.

Which race am I thinking of? The O'Donnell/Coons race in Delaware.
Obama is heading to Delaware again in a last-ditch firewall effort to salvage Commie Coons’ imploding campaign.

Coons has now canceled the two debates he was scheduled to have with O’Donnell between now and Tuesday.

Canceled them.

Because he was afraid to debate her.

The woman the Democrats keep hitting with every sexist, misogynistic attack they can conjure. The woman the call stupid. The woman they make fun of relentlessly.

Why are they so scared of Christine O’Donnell.

Because, she really is YOU…and she is WINNING.
According to the latest polling data O'Donnell is down by 10 points in Delaware. Maybe. But you don't send the President in to campaign in the last three days before the election for a candidate who is really down by 10.

Also note that the No sex sex scandal that Eric of Classical Values wrote about hasn't hurt O'Donnell a bit so far. In fact maybe it has helped.

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Neil said...

Could be, but there's another explanation. The last couple of weeks, President Obama has been making appearances mostly in support of strong left-wing candidates in blue states. In these appearances he's been leaning hard left with his statements. My guess is that this has mostly to do with preventing the Clintons from winning control of the Democratic party back from the MoveOn wing.

Y'see, if Boxer, Coons, Murray, Frank, Kitzhaber, etc. win their races (as seems likely) after campaigning with the President, he can make the claim that Democrats do best by pandering to their core Progressive and racial minority constituencies. B & H Clinton will be making the claim that Democrats win by aiming their rhetoric (if not their policies) at the blue-collar centrists. Bill Clinton's appearances have largely been based on this premise. President Obama's campaign appearances are designed to refute this.