Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Democrat - We Must Preserve Theories

Seriously. I've always suspected this but to get a lefty to say it out loud? It must be desperation time. Maybe the end of the line? One can hope. Except my friends on the right seem determined to over reach. Starting the cycle all over again.

“This isn't about President [Barack] Obama,” Rendell said on MSNBC’s “Last Word” Monday night. “It's about whether the Democratic Party, not perfect, but certainly bent on trying to preserve theories in government and progressive practices, is going to be in charge of the Congress or the Republican Party. And it's not the Republican Party of old. This is a scary Republican Party.”
Preserve theories? I guess that is all they have. Of course they could always come on over to reality and do what works instead of putting all that effort into preserving theories.

Oh yeah. Socialism. Nice theory. It doesn't work. That may be the core of Ed's angst. And his fear of the "scary Republican Party." The Republican Party is being purged of economic socialists. Now if the cultural socialists could only hold their mud. But they can't. It is not in their nature. And so socialism begets more socialism. It is no wonder the Republican Party has acquired the appellation "the stupid party". They earned it. Fair and square.

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