Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have been writing for the last week or so about how much I don't like Paladino in the New York Governors race. You can find the articles:

From The Beach

Wedge Issues

I think Warren Redlich is probably the best man for the job of those running. But let us be real. The odds are not in his favor this close to the election. (Yeah. Never tell me the odds.)

Which brings me to something Instapundit pointed out yesterday. Did Paladino smear our current Attorney General (who deserves it) or not?

It’s open season on Carl Paladino, the homophobic, racist email-forwarding Republican candidate for governor of New York. And much to the delight of the Cuomo campaign, everyday seems to bring a new scandal. Now Paladino stands accused of using salty language about Attorney General Eric Holder, apparently telling a voter that he would say “fuck him” if he attempted to try terrorists in a Manhattan court.
But did he actually say that? It looks like (from the linked post) the answer is no. Dang!

OTOH I have learned from surfing the 'net that in one of Cuomo's past elections the unofficial slogan for Cuomo was "Cuomo not the homo".

You have to wonder why New York State puts up with any of these mopes?

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EHS Director said...

For a minute on the web I forgot about you (shallows*) and then saw you left a comment on the book thrower...

Boy you get around ;-)

*Have you read "The Shallows"?

M. Simon said...

I haven't read the Shallows.