Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boomer Revenge

Well all you boomer haters (hippie punchers) on the right, Real Clear Politics has some news for you.

This senior surge is, like the electorate overall, coming from the right. Democratic seniors and baby boomers are less engaged than past midterms. But at least seven in 10 GOP seniors and baby boomers, including right-leaning independents, are highly engaged. That's roughly 20 points above past norms and their Democratic counterparts this cycle.

The tea party momentum is one factor. Nearly a third of tea party supporters are seniors, according to New York Times/CBS News polling. Almost half are baby boomers.
The people who brought you the Internet Revolution seem poised to bring you the TEA Party Revolution. Oh. Yeah. We have better music too. Suck it up. More seriously. Let us all work together to bring down this abomination.

TEA minus 14 and counting.

Tea Party Difference

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