Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Texas Plan

A good (if hostile) report on what the TEA Parties are about from a Texas perspective.

Teapots in fact do not support the modern Republican Party, they simply saw an opportunity to tap into voter fear, anger and despair and took advantage of that for electoral gain. Most of the recent Teapot-to-GOP nominees are actually more Libertarian than anything else. People seem to forget that since Ron Paul has been on the ballot he has brought forth an army of Libertarian leaning supporters to the Republican Party with orders to take it over at the grassroots level. Many of you may recall that Paul ran as the Libertarian candidate for President in 1988.

What Ron Paul figured out many years ago was that running as a Republican versus a Libertarian for Congress and President, is what his supporters and grassroots organizers have figured out over the last two election cycles--if you want to makeover the political process, and want to get like-minded Libertarians elected, you must take over one of the shells that is the American two-party system to make it happen.

Developing a third party in the American political system has been tried by many a men, including a former President, only to collapse like a house of cards. Without a billion dollars at one's disposal, mainstream platforms to boot, and a candidate with appeal in the Midwest to Western areas of the United States, forget about it. Ask yourself this, which shell most resembles what a Libertarian-leaning supporter is most likely to vote for? Republican! And which party was reeling after the 2008 election cycle in which many wrote the obituary of the modern GOP? Republican! Libertarian takeover of the Republican Party, although not complete, has certainly moved beyond stage one.
Yes. It is quite a bit farther along than stage one. Consider that we now have at least one libertarian Senator. Rand Paul. Not to mention his father Congressman Ron Paul. We are now headed for stage two. What ever that is.

Just think of it. We may actually be headed for a government that leaves us alone. How will people ever cope?

H/T Libertarian Republican

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