Monday, November 08, 2010

Complete Charlie Foxtrot

An excerpt from the latest Ulsterman post. This is a discussion of the future of the Democrats.

So there’s no hope for the party right now?

Hope? That’s a tough commodity to come by for the hopeless. Look, the Democratic Party is suffering from temporary insanity right now. It’s a complete cluster -expletive- these days. They are walking around clueless. And what does the president do? The supposed leader of the country, and of course the Democratic Party? What does he do after losing the most seats in the House in 70 years? Why he goes on a working vacation to the Far East. Watching the Democratic Party these days…I don’t know if its tragedy or a comedy, it’s really getting hard to tell. What are these people… (trails off)
The informant also talks about a scandal coming up for the President in 2011. The incoming (heh) Republicans have warned the White House against shredding documents, wiping hard drives, and deleting e-mails. I expect the real details will start filtering out in about 8 or 10 more weeks. In the mean time Ulsterman will have another update in another day or three.

Let me add. Even if none of this is true it is a fun read. Here are some hints:

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