Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Real Chest Beating

So I'm over at discussing the drug war with a guy who says I'm peddling hopelessness by showing how the narcos already control the government. I don't exactly see it that way:

If you don't face the problem you can't fix it. We can overthrow the narcos tomorrow by legalization. That one is easy. In theory. In practice too many on the right refuse to surrender (in the drug war) to win.

The purpose of the narcos in government is to maintain prohibition. If they can't do that they have nothing to do.

Will it fix the drug problem? No. Will it even fix the crime problem? No. But like alcohol legalization the crime problem will be reduced.
Then Skip chimes in to give me some advice:
For God's sake, don't you realize that if we admit imminent defeat and stop beating our chests, waiving our flags, and whining about dem Dems, then nobody will ever descend from the heavens and save our patriotic souls from Obama and his minions. Please don't jinx the fantasy. It is the narcotic that numbs the pain of our talk-big-but-do-little-or-nothing reality.
Well I had some choice words for Skip.
OK Skip,

You got me there.

Lulz. !!!!11!!!!!
Sometimes a good sound defeat sows the seeds of victory. Think of Pearl Harbor. It made the carrier the center of our Naval doctrine. Because that was all we had. The Japanese didn't catch on until it was too late for them.

Or think of the Raich decision on Med-Pot. The social conservatives got their way and because of it we are still stuck with the Wickard vs. Filburn decision which essentially gave the Federal Government control over every nook and cranny of our economy. The social conservatives got their victory. And it is still costing them.

Here is a book that covers Wickard and some other cases:

The Dirty Dozen: How Twelve Supreme Court Cases Radically Expanded Government and Eroded Freedom

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