Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birther Madness

Some Birther Madness from Ulsterman’s Deep Throat. The she in question is supposed to be Nancy Pelosi. We shall she.

Insider: Well, she was at it again and then she says something along the lines of, “How about I just hand over the goddamn certification file. They want me to go there? Because that’s where they’re pushing me.”

Ulsterman: Certification file? What is that? Do you mean certificate file? Birth certificate?

Insider: Hell if I know – no…it was certification file – assume it has something to do with the whole birther thing – eligibility maybe? Just thought you might want to hear it. Just thought you might find it…interesting! It’s an odd thing to say, right? And it’s even odder that it was said like that period. The person who shared it with me thought so. Then again, they also said Pelosi was for certain heading out of Congress not so long ago, so who knows anymore. Looks like she’s clawing her way back in, the tough old -expletive-. But if you want to chase that particular tail in a circle I thought I’d throw you that bone. Go fetch! (laughs) …I don’t mean to laugh. Hell, fact is people are talking about this subject. Nobody wants to admit it in the open, but they are talking about it. Or whispering at least – but I want nothing to do with that -expletive-. Something like that will get your ass killed. No joke.
This could be the smoking gun. Or just the smoking bong. Only time will tell.

And then the insider goes on to what he considers the real deal.
Insider:....No, let’s just stick to the real deal, right? Because THAT is what is going to kick the president’s ass – and I’m talking kick that ass right to the goddamn curb! You got that? TO – THE – CURB. You hear the reporting – it’s out there. You read it, right? We got the DOJ, we got the bank closures, we got the Rezko sentencing, we got the Blagotrial…all this -expletive – and more…everything is coming together. Everything that has been ignored for too long is finally getting some attention. And these dogs will hunt – I guarantee you that. Those Republicans on the Hill? Oh yeah, those little -expletive- are gonna bring the hammer down on this. They are gonna break every damn thing open until they find it – and they are gonna get help from some Democrats along the way. And you know the president knows it. His people know it. They are all hunkered down, eyes shifting this way and that, wonderin’ if it’s gonna be this scandal or that scandal or this, that, and the other scandal. One is gonna lead to one is gonna lead to the other.
The Insider thought that Nancy Pelosi would retire so she can covertly release information that will make the investigation easier. But she didn't retire. She got elected minority leader. Insider thought that if that happened the fix was in.
Insider: Ok, so if I’m being told this, being told repeatedly that Speaker Pelosi has had it with the White House, has had it with the president, is gonna help send them all packin’ away to political has-been street, and then she actually stays on as party leader, that means something happened. Something changed from what I am being told. Or somebody got it wrong – and either way, I can be -expletive- over on this whole thing. Do you realize how powerful a Speaker of the House really is? And Pelosi is about as tough a Speaker as I’ve seen. Tough-though lady. Not someone you wanna make an enemy of, right? So…if-if…if she stays on as party leader, that means she was got to. That means she made a deal. And if she was gonna help crack heads over at the White House, that means she probably made a deal with them, right? And that means this information she was supposed to help leak out there to the rest of us, to others, will probably disappear.

Ulsterman: But the Republicans will control Congress. Pelosi won’t be Speaker. Seems like that information would still get out there. Why wouldn’t it?

Insider: Because the only way the White House would agree to a deal is if they were given that information to keep for themselves or had assurances it as no longer available. They are not going to just allow Pelosi to keep holding it over them. You see, the White House was sending out strong signals that Pelosi must go. I know this. I heard it first hand from members of Congress. She is gone. So if she all of a sudden stays, and stays as leader of the party, that means the White House stopped pushing for her to be gone. And that means a deal was made. And THAT means I’m left scrambling for cover in all of this. And so is everyone who has been talking to me. The Republicans don’t take over until 2011, right? Whatever information Pelosi has on Obama – and she has it. Don’t you doubt that. She’s got it. Well, that information could easily be no more by January. Bye-bye, gone. Replaced, misplaced – never was, never will be again. That -expletive- happens all the time. I mean all the time.
Well there is way more on the Ulsterman site. It will be interesting to see who double crosses whom first.

The Insider's final thoughts should Pelosi be elected Minority Leader? Duck and cover kid. Duck and -expletive- cover… Well she was elected. We live in interesting times. Way too interesting.

Update: The very latest on the birther question. Well latest to me. Sept. 26 this year. It discusses the certification file. It also makes some unwarranted assumptions (they so want this to be true). So be careful out there. I did find it helpful when it comes to keeping up with the latest birther angle. Who knows? There may be something to this one.

I have some confirmation of the birther question information here. Purported copies of the two different types of certification. Curiouser and curiouser.

I just had an odd thought. What if the above is Hillary's words being put in Pelosi's mouth and Deep Throat is Carville? This stuff will drive you nuts.

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