Monday, November 22, 2010

The Brains Of The Outfit

Now that Republicans have won the House a lot of them are thinking about how to fix the country. They have a program and they don't intend to drop it. They won this election and it is "use it and lose it" time (a game both parties play).

And the big dream seems to be a Pregnancy Enforcement Administration. The PEA. I mean if drugs are bad abortion is worse. It deserves at least an agency if not a cabinet position. I can just hear the report, "Mr. President, the current state of America's vaginas is....". And "We are proposing a 'get your mate pregnant day', with the view towards expanding it to a week, a month, a year, a decade..." "The department is working on a married couples porno to be shown on all stations at once so that the country's pregnancy rate can be increased..." "To keep the children from watching we will have roving bands of enforcers knocking on doors at random to see if the children are still up..... I think a $10,000 fine would be about right....." "In addition a $10,000 fine for not watching seems about right. We can justify it by saying that not watching affects Interstate Commerce..."

Absurd? Of course. It is government we are talking about.

And how about enforcement? I propose that the TSA send a few of their brains to this new agency so it will be staffed with properly trained PEA brains.

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