Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dream On?

For those of you hoping for a music post. Let me get that one out of the way at once. Now to the matter of current interest: Is Obama goading Congress into passing the DREAM "Amnesty for Illegals" Act? Robert Heston thinks so.

It appears that President Obama hasn’t learned a thing from the Democrats disastrous midterm elections just a few weeks ago. He’s now attempting a back door approach to pass an unwanted immigration bill. Apparently he’s willing to shoot himself in the other foot too.
So far the Lame Stream Media in an attempt to improve their ratings has been covering this up. And the sneaky part? They are tacking this DREAM ACT on to a defense bill. Too clever by half.
To help clarify the issue here let’s admit one thing. “Immigration Reform” is PC speak for amnesty. This article is intended to address the current status of the Dream Act, and not the larger issue of illegal immigration. It is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. But this sleazy back door approach will be just as divisive as the Health Care Bill if it receives much media coverage. It’s even being pushed by the same people who gave us the Health Care Bill. So far it’s received little coverage by the media, and that’s to Obama’s benefit. If it does become a major topic of the media, Obama and the Democrats will have shot themselves in the other foot.
I wish he'd quit aiming for the feet and try for something a little higher.

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