Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Believe?

Watts Up With That? is taking a look at satellite data vs model data. The satellite data, ERBE - The Earth Radiation Budget Experiment, is in the upper left. You can click on the graphs for a larger view.

Data vs Models

I'm not going to go into all the math. I leave that to the boffins. The important thing is to look at the slopes of the lines. The models all go one way. The satellite data goes another. Who ya gonna believe?

The below graph is a condensation of the satellite vs model data.

Models or Data?

The numbers for the closest model comes in at about 3X the satellite data. Bottom line? The earth is not as sensitive to CO2 as the models show. GIGO

H/T Watts Up With That? for the data vs model chart. Richard Lindzen for a Power Point presentation on the data. And The Shadow of the Olive Tree for excerpting the graph with all the dots from Richard Lindzen's Power Point presentation.

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