Sunday, June 14, 2009

Visit To A Dead Planet

Energy From Thorium imagines Captain Kirk and the big "E" visiting A Dead Planet (uh groovy man - NO IT IS NOT).

As the away teams reported back to the Starship Enterprise, the reports were all the same. Everywhere on the planet were signs of an advanced civilization. Great abandoned cities were found al over the planet. In each the signs were the same a loss of energy followed by a drastic population drop. The fossil fuel resources of the planet appeared to have been exhausted, and as power plants died computers had been shut down.

Wind generators were everywhere, but when Scottie looked at their pictures he shook his head. “Good God,” he said, “you cannot run a planet on wind.”

Mr. Spock nodded. “I don’t understand why they did not build nuclear power plants,” he said. One away team returned from the North East quadrant reporting a single life sign and recommending a follow up.
The follow up team finds a very interesting life form on the planet. One you may have even seen on this planet. Go and read the whole thing.

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