Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Bottle Vs. The Bong

Note the cute bartender who says that pot smoking is safer for you.

Drug Policy Forum of Texas


Anonymous said...

But then, beer doesn't burn your fingers. They should consider developing an easy to use "breathalyzer" for pot and hash for suspect drivers. Since it would have to detect brownies it would probably need to involve either a finger prick or maybe a laser like they are trying to measure glucose.

Or maybe they could let people choose between having a drivers license and having a pot-using license. I know which one I would pick.

M. Simon said...

In tests (all kinds - driver simulators, accident reports, etc.) against pot smoking drivers unmedicated drivers appear slightly more dangerous. The effect is small but consistent.

So if we were sincere we would require that people get six months of simulator experience while high on pot before they were allowed to drive.

OH. Yeah. They should be fined for driving unmedicated.