Saturday, March 08, 2008

Only The Good Die Young

You need to keep your reptile brain in good working oder. Others do and they are not as nice as you.


linearthinker said...

Tell us about the Blackbird code, Simon. One of my favorite planes. There's one on static display at the bomber museum at the old Castle AFB near here. Can you imagine outrunning a bullet and still accelerating, using '50's technology? One can't say enough about the brilliance of Kelly Johnson and the Skunk Works.

M. Simon said...

FWIW I had (have?) a couple of lines of code in the SR-71.

I was not "cleared" for the job so it was done subrosa. I did the work. The guy assigned the effort signed the paperwork (he had a higher priority job to work on).

It was a small fix for a problem I don't even recall. 8080 code. I was (may still be) an expert on that machine since it was my first micro. IMSAI 8080.

talk.polywell link

It would have been done around '87.