Friday, March 21, 2008

No Extra Points

Oliver Willis has a few things to say about conservatives.

The base impulse of the modern conservative movement - especially the blogosphere and talk radio contingents - is to always appeal to base elements. Racism, sexism, smearing opponents as the worst things possible...
Of course the Democrats have a better way.

Vote for the Black Guy because, you know, he is Black.

Vote for the Woman because, you know, she is Female.

And no extra points for military service you baby killer.

Well what does baby killer John Fn Kerry have to say?
Speaking of the race speech from Tuesday, Obama supporter John Kerry gave an interview with a local N.H. paper, reports NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli. In it, Kerry said the color of Obama's skin makes him uniquely qualified for president and even reach out to the moderate Islam world.
So I agree with the Democrats; this campaign is not about race except when it is.

HT Althouse via Instapundit and Kausfiles via Instapundit.

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LarryD said...

Can you say "Projection"?