Monday, March 31, 2008

Buyers Remorse - Republican Version

Republicans are not happy with John McCain. Captain Ed has the news. The remorseful are mostly in the comments. Like this one:

McCain will never fail to disappoint Republicans and kiss the asses of his true political opponents.
Anti-McCain Republicans just drive me nuts. I can see you favoring socialized medicine, but isn’t losing the war a bit much?

And why you place so much emphasis on candidates is beyond me. What about the voters? It seems to me that until we get voters turned in our direction we will get the candidates we deserve.

Why don’t all the McCain scourgers blame themselves for not making Republican values more popular?

I blame myself for not doing a better job for Fred. What I heard from many was Mr. Too Old. Thanks. Now we have Mr. Too Old and Too Liberal. Way to go guys.

I’m reminded of what Mayor Daley Sr. responded when asked why his candidate lost. He responded, “He didn’t get enough votes.”

Get over yourselves. Blaming McCain for your inability to properly educate voters is stupid and puts the blame in the wrong place. Which is convenient. It means no self examination is required. How Democratic.

Maybe there is something wrong with the conservative message. Maybe the way it is presented. To blame McCain for our failings is idiotic. It will fix nothing.

There are always people willing to open the gates of the city because of some slight by the governing powers. The Bible (you have read it I presume) is full of examples.

I will never join those ranks. Even if it means voting for McCain.

OK I know. McCain will defend some parts of the city and not others. The Ds will give it all up.

I’m for preserving what we can. It will make recovery easier.

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