Monday, March 31, 2008

Broadening The Coalition

The only strategy capable of defeating the communists is the widest possible unity of all the class and social forces whose interests run counter to those of the most socialist section of the transnationals.

You know we might like to start with economics.

If the party was focused on

1. Economics
2. Defense
3. Individual liberty

and left the social issues to ministers, priests, and rabbis, we might broaden the base.

As I understand it Reagan gave minor lip service to social Conservatives and focused on the above issues. That is the Republican core. Huckabee was a huge distraction and more socialist than McCain.

Given that I can see why social conservatives have no problem sitting this one out. They like Socialism. Just a different brand than the Democrats. It is funny that Social Conservatives do not see themselves as Socialists.

The Federal Governments job is to protect our liberty, defend our country, and protect our property. Any thing else exceeds its mandate.

The less we want government to do the broader our coalition will be.

Prompted by the comments at Hot Air

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Tom Cuddihy said...

I see myself as a social conservative, but anything but a socialist. I think it's unconscionable to lump in a group primarily concerned with moral leadership with totalitarian groups interested in state control of everything.

Just because Huckabee drew a lot of social conservative votes doesn't mean a majority of social conservatives endorsed Huckleberry's ideas. In fact, he got a plurality of social conservatives...he just got more of them than Fred!, Mitt, and, yes, McCain. (and there's quite a few who voted for McCain. Look at SC's primary numbers, for example.)

Many of Huckleberry's voters were responding (in an almost visceral way) to the way he spoke...but over time, the leftist nature of his ideas would have become clear, and in fact did.

I was going to respond further but it looks like Redhead Infidel and MNDavenotPC have responded pretty much the same way I would have anyway.

M. Simon said...


Socializing culture is just as socialist as socializing economics. In fact the leftys have been doing that with the "long march through the institutions" or Gramscian methods for decades. it is leading them to a bad end.

The Huckabee phenomenon shows that the right is just as prone to mania as the left. The main difference I see is that they get over it sooner.

My theory is that government ruins what ever it touches. It should touch as little as possible. Including culture.

I'm going to have a look at the comments you mentioned. Sounds interesting. Thanks!