Thursday, January 10, 2008

Morals And Values

I just got a call from the Campaign to Restore Morals and Values 1-877-266-6277. They were asking me if I knew about all the sex offenders living in the neighborhood. Then some one came on the line and asked me what my first name was and as soon as I began to give it they hung up.

I suspect it was some kind of push poll. Here is the only link I could find on the outfit and they are talking about receiving calls as well.

Any one else have any skinny on them?


I called the number and it seems like some kind of scam to get you to change your long distance provider. The name of the company is United American Technologies. They gave me a couple of urls and

A friend of mine just called me and said they are scammers. I'm going to call my phone company and make sure I don't get jacked around. If they call you do not answer any questions in the affirmative. If you get your service through cable you likely have what is called a change freeze on the account. If you get your service through normal providers you need to call them and have a change freeze put on your account. That should keep them at bay.

Let me add that the lady who called gave her name as Charlotte and she seemed so nice. A sweet Southern voice. My friend says that the Southern States refuse to police these scammers. I would think the fact that they are doing this across state lines should make it a Federal Offense. I wonder why they are not getting shut down.

Wiki has a page on them. Very interesting.

Also it seems North Carolina had a fraud action against the company in 2006.

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The Fitness Diva said...

Sounds a bit scary to me. Would a legit poll taker really just hang up on you in mid sentence? hmmmm....

linearthinker said...

...the lady who called gave her name as Charlotte and she seemed so nice. A sweet Southern voice.

I just chat 'em up...ask her when she gets off work...wanna date? Any more at home as sweet as you? What's your sign?

Would I make a good interogator? Or not?

posi said...

I got call from NCRMV. They state that other phone carriers let child molesters use their systems. Such as AT@T Verizon Cingular,etc.,etc., as opposed to their company. Their scammers because just about everyone is against molesters including NCRMV!