Monday, January 21, 2008

The Democrat's Gramscian Problem

There is a long discussion going on at Gates of Vienna about the divisions in our society. The Left seems intent on multiplying those differences in a divide and conquer strategy. One of the participants said that the answer to what the left is doing is for people of European ancestry to band together to form a countervailing pressure group. The participant cites a number of race and ethnic blogs to prove his point. I have an answer for that.

I have no doubt that what you say exists and it has always existed. I was fortunate to live in MLKs "I have a dream" America growing up.

All the things you decry, what a friend of mine called "Angry Studies", are part and parcel and in total Gramscian Marxism/Socialism. The idea was to destroy social cohesion so that Marxists could rule.

It is apparent that even if you are not a Marxist that they have won you over. It follows the Stalinist line of dividing the country along ethnic lines to make rule easier.

Fortunately some of us are not so easily fooled.

As I keep saying - the core of the problem is socialism and it is the socialists who are pushing this crap.

Here is a place to start Gramscian Marxism.

You are following the Marxist script. You are a dupe.

You really need to educate yourself. The Church was a unifying force because it was based on the brotherhood of all men in Christ. The first object of the Gramscians was the destruction of the Church. Not that they cared about religion much one way or the other. It was the brotherhood of man that was the critical element. To destroy that they went after the particulars of the Church. Their real aim was the brotherhood of man. Divide and conquer.

I will not be divided. I refuse to join in.

I wish to celebrate American Multiculturalism in which all men are brothers and destroy Gramscian Multiculturalism where all men are enemies.

I refuse to be divided. I refuse to be conquered.

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tomcpp said...

Please PLEASE do not let yourself fool with posts like the gatesofvienna post. They are lies. The centre-right is quiet because they have been shamed into quieting down, not for any other reason.

It is certainly NOT the case the "rich" want to keep importing cheap labor. This is absolutely untrue.

I did not want to believe this when Charles reported it at first, because it seems to utterly stupid, but it's true. What you see there is direct nazism. This theory of theirs is the exact platform hitler used to rise to power, and their ideology is even worse than islam.

M. Simon said...


The Baron and his Lady used to be friends of mine. So I thought that they would get it.

And yes if you can wade through the swamp there I believe I did say that their philosophy was Nazism.

Yeah. I thought it was utterly stupid too.

The funny thing is that they are multicultural Nazis (blood is everything) so stick with your blood group, but we have no intent of starting the murder machine. We just want to protect our blood group from the blood suckers.

It always ends in mass murder.

I was also working a Jihad Watch thread so I may be a little confused on where I posted what.

I think all this stems from the "peak oil" non-sense put out by the lefties. People are generous when there is plenty to go around. When things tighten they get bloody minded.

What is interesting is that the "lack of resources" is not a fact, but a mental construct.

I expect blood in the streets of Europe before too long.

I keep telling them that the root cause of the problem is socialism. Not one of the fools at GoV heard me. Not one.