Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Coloreds Only

Brendan Loy is discussing the eruption of a mini race war in the Democrat party over some recent remarks by the Clintons.

One commenter had some nice things to say about this comment I made:

It is time for Obama to have a Sistah Soljah moment.

Let him denounce the race hustlers like Al Sharpton that he embraced (not just metaphorically but actually). Let him say that Louis Farrakan - who his church honored - does not represent his views. That such views - that whites are not human - are not his.

Let him denounce all racism - black or white. Let him speak out loud about the Jew hatred that infects the black community.

If we are going to banish race as an issue - we have to speak honestly. The truth. That white racism does not excuse black racism.

It is past time he had his MLK moment. It is time to acknowledge that Jews were the core supporters of blacks before it became the general view that Jim Crow was wrong.

That the Battle Hymn of the Republic was a "white" song. Written by a white woman. Ju­lia W. Howe. That the abolitionists were mainly white men.

Here is a version (wait for it) by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Battle Hymn of the Republic
After praising my comment he went on to say that I was the first in the comments to point out that a lot of white men worked hard against slavery and Jim Crow. As we all know a lot of whites worked and died to end slavery. They were called abolitionists. It seems like these days that fact is an embarrassment to the Democrats and liberals who would like to brand whites as inherently racist for political advantage. This was my response to the kudos:
Thanks for that. I think I should give a little history of myself to illustrate how this Republican (I came to it late in life) has always thought.

I lived in the South when I was 5. One day I saw a "Coloreds Only" sign on a water fountain and thought that was wrong. I went to the fountain and got a drink of water. My mom let me drink for a moment then pulled me away. However, I could tell she was proud of me. I have never had a racist bone in my body and resent to the MAX the idea that "white men" are inherently racist.

Which is why Obama's affinity for people with such views torques me off.

It is a steaming pile and I will not stand for it any more than I would stand for "Coloreds Only" water fountains.
It is time to end the "victimhood confers political advantage" crap. It is time people give up their resents for what happened in the past. As one commenter in a different blog commenting on the same subject said:

When the only thing in your intellectual toolkit is a bludgeon, everything looks like a skull. - pst314

Nice turn of phrase that.

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Greasywrench said...

Outstanding post. But unfortunatley we live with a double-standard here in the U.S. I live in the South Bay area (San Pedro) of Los Angeles. I spent five years as a service manager in an auto repair shop that was located adjacent to the Rancho San Pedro public housing projects. I can recall more black on hispanic and vice versa prejudice than you would ever believe. I wish a had a dollar for every time one of our African-American customers would request a "white" mechanic to work on their car. I realize the story is anecdotal but it's a very common request and I heard it over and over. So don't expect Obama to repudiate Sharpton or Farakhan who are racist. The very reason for their popularity is based on baiting whitey.

al fin said...

The fact is, that for American blacks it truly is "all about race". The jury that acquitted OJ Simpson was not an aberration. It is an "us vs. them" mentality. A form of neo-tribalism.

Obama is dangerously unsuited for leadership of a large heterogeneous nation. Read "Dreams of my Father", Obama's book about his childhood. Then consider his relationship with his afrocentric religious mentor. Then look at his poor judgment in accepting political "favours" in Illinois.

btw: Some of the best mechanics I've ever seen were Americans of mexican descent.