Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'll Support The Socialist

I have thought for a long time that we needed a more libertarian oriented party in America. Huckabee's Republican socialism just doesn't cut it for me.

I have been flirting with the idea of voting Dem in the general election. Especially if Clinton gets the nod. I like her evil underhandedness. I figure she will be as hard on America's enemies as she will be on us.

Then I got to reading around the blogosphere. I'm looking at Backyard Conservative and Power Line and Town Hall and Politico and Yahoo News and Outside Report and World Net Daily and Right Thinking from the Left Coast. They all seem to agree that Huckabee is splitting the Republican coalition. I agree.

So I have decided that if the nominee is Huckabee over my favorite Fred Thompson then I'm going to give Huck my support. I think it will be better to have a split coalition (in the hopes of a Reformation) than to keep going on the way things are going with the party. And my campaign theme for the Huckester? Support the Republican Socialist. That should help don't you think?

If that sort of scenario doesn't appeal to you might I suggest: send Fred Thompson some money. Fred of course is quite popular among the blogging set. He is not a one issue candidate. Based on his positions, he could have socon support, Federalist support, neocon support and fisc-con support. In other words every ones (outside a the blogging cons) second choice. So if you don't wish to see the Republican coalition break up (just yet), may I suggest giving Fred a hand and some money.

And if the above doesn't put the fear of God (har) in you, consider Obama vs Keyes '004. The Dems wrote the book on defeating a big name socon.

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feeblemind said...

It is unlikely the Republican nominee will win in any event. GOP has been in power 8 yrs. Herbert Hoover is the only Republican I can think of that succeeded a Republican President and wasn't a VP. Republican base is very unhappy with the party and it appears likely that the GOP will nominate a RINO, further discouraging the base. And to top it off, Paul may run as an independent and skim off 3%(?) of the Republican vote. That might be a decisive loss in battleground states. Looks pretty bleak from my point of view.

Nick said...

Couple of things;

1. What do you and other Thompson supporters mean when you say that Thompson is the only "true conservative" candidate. I honestly don't understand what is meant by that. Especially in light of the fact that the republicans seem to have a visceral hatred of McCain.

2. I kinda want to see the Republicans break up, I want the Dems to break up too though. I think we could use a big shake up in the whole process

3. Maybe Huckabee should choose Keyes as his VP candidate to really make things HI-larious.

M. Simon said...


Most Conservative = Most Constitutionally oriented. Least socialist. Most into winning the war.

I kinda like your Huckabee/Keyes idea. Might be very entertaining.

Yeah. Both parties need to beak up.

I'd watch out for Obama - he belongs to a very racist church. He is a total Marxist.