Sunday, January 13, 2008

The End of Divisivness And Corruption

Senator Obama is the New Hope from Chicago, Illinois. A uniter, not a divider.

Obama's dealings with Nation of Islam member Tony Rezko are above reproach. Fortunately Tony was involved with the top cadre of politicians in Illinois. All of whom are under investigation. I don't think such investigations will have any effect though. They are just a cheap Republican trick.

The end of divisiveness and corruption in American politics is within sight if Obama gets elected.

He is nothing like those Clinton folks from Arkansas. Illinois is known far and wide as one of the least corrupt states in the nation. The city of Chicago is particularly exemplary. Let me tell you that you can trust Chicago politicians. And you can take that to the bank. In small unmarked bills.

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Liberator_Rev said...

Great satire! I was born in Chicago, but am glad to have been raised in Mass.
It's tough to be confronted with the choice between three great Democrats, but I don't envy my Republican friends. One of them who is a lover of O'Reilly shocked me today, when I asked her who her candidate was, expecting Giuliani. She told me it was EDWARDS!
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http://JesusNoRepublican.Org/ &

M. Simon said...


I share your ideals. What I don't share is your methods. You cannot raise the poor by stealing from the rich.

The more capitalist the country the better off the poor.

As some one recently pointed out - socialism sounds better - capitalism works better.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

M. Simon said...

Oh, yeah. Glad you liked the bit. I had fun writing it.