Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Teflon Don

At Michelle Malkin's site Matthew Currier Burden (Blackfive) interviews Teflon Don (TD) of the blog Acute Politics. I had a post up a few days ago about TD: The Rush - War Cocaine.

One quote from the interview stood out for me. (Blackfive's question in bold.)

Do you believe that the media has portrayed America's efforts in Iraq correctly?

That depends entirely on how you mean "media" and "correct". Traditional media, such as newspapers and television, have done very well reporting the statistics and the sensational moments of the war. In a certain sense, that is "correct", but it is certainly not complete.

On the other hand, independent journalists have different stories to tell. If I want to know why things are the way they are in Anbar, I read Bill Roggio's account, not the New York Times. If I want to hear about an interview with a Falluja police officer, I read Bill Ardolino. I don't watch NBC. If I want to know what life is like for US soldiers or Iraqi civilians, I read their blogs, not the papers.

Most media accounts are correct, and the ones that aren't are usually quickly ripped apart. However, they must all be taken together to even come close to a complete story.
You can't get the complete picture with out the internet.

This makes me just so totally proud of my work with the developers of the world's first BBS. Minor (though essential) as my contribution was. The BBS was an important step in creating the demand and computer infrastructure for the internet.

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