Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's Make It Happen

There is a site up to collect donations to make the Bussard Fusion Reactor a reality.

If you are interested have a look at EMC2 Fusion.

I have no idea how reputable the organization is so you might want to look into that before sending money. They do have some nice pictures of Dr. Bussard's experimental devices.

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naftali said...

I want to believe.But how is it that
a technology promising an economically renewable energy future
must beg for donations rather than fend of through price a surplus in investment demand,and at a time of unusually high liquidity to boot.As for the U.S maybe we can blame it on fear of 'Big Oil' machinations,but what about the likes of China or India?

I'm no naysayer but I would like to
know a satisfying explanation for it all.

M. Simon said...


The information has only been out since Oct of '06.

The regular fusion community gets $400 million a year to keep them busy.

You think they are going to be happy if this works?

Oil companies would have their business model changing very fast.

What is needed most right now is publicity.

Write your Congress critter. Or any venture capitalist you know.