Monday, March 26, 2007

Inherited Rights

Palestinians are claiming the "right of return" is an inherited right.

The right of return “is my right, which I have inherited from my parents and grandparents,” said Maha Bseis, 39, a Palestinian whose family comes from Jerusalem. “But if I have the right, I will not return because I was born and grew up here.”
There is no such thing as an inherited right along the lines the Palestinians claim.

In any case the whole idea is bogus. When 5 Arab Armies attacked Israel in 1948 the Israelis asked the Arabs living in Israel to stay. The attacking Arab Armies asked the Israeli Arabs to leave to make fighting easier. Those that stayed are Israeli citizens. Those that left are not. I think that is a pretty good resolution of the problem. No residency, no rights.

Other wise the Sudenten Germans will be asking for return and recompense. Or the Jews driven out of Arab countries for that matter.

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